When someone dies

The burden of bereavement can be greatly lightened with expert help in tidying the deceased’s estate and affairs.

GC&A Ltd will obtain the grant of Representation for you, collect money and realise assets, pay taxes and debts, and manage the distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries. GC&A will also advise on postdeath variations to maximise available tax-saving schemes.


Pricing Structure:

Applying for the Grant, Collecting and Distributing the Assets



Do-it-yourself or off-the-shelf wills rarely provide the best protection for your estate and your affairs. GC&A will give you qualified and experienced advice, and formalise a will that is precisely tailored to your wishes and your circumstances, for a fee that is likely to be less than you expect.

We’ll advise on the terms of your Will, charitable donations and gifts, and the most effective way to provide for your family and other beneficiaries, under current Inheritance Tax legislation. We’ll help with the appointment of Executors and Guardians, and advise on aspects of your finances and property, to make your will as effective as possible.


Tony Taylor on 01525 372681 or amt@gca-law.com

Graham Lovelock on 01525 372681 or gpl@gca-law.com

Relevant documents can be downloaded here


For further information and/or quotation please email  enquiries@gca-law.com with brief detail of your enquiry and your contact details.  On receipt of your enquiry a member of our team will be in touch to assist you.

Conveyancing Quality

For all enquiries please contact Gordons LLP who are appointed to assist with the closure of GC&A.


John Owen, Gordons LLP, 1 New Augustus Street, Bradford, BD1 5LL. Email: kingly@gordonsllp.com, Tel: 0113 227 0360.